8 Reasons Why Bath Leisure is the Bathbomb.com

Bath Leisure. Rhianna may have started it. Rita Ora may have propelled it. But I’m here to finish it, friends. Here are the top eight reasons I can’t stop, won’t stop, wearing the trend.

1. If you dress a la bath leisure, people immediately assumed you’re fresh out of the bath. You know what they say about making assumptions – it makes an ass out of you and me. Speaking of asses, I smell like one. I haven’t showered in 3 days but you wouldn’t know it from my look du jour.

2.  One less thing to drag to the beach. You’re on towel duty – make your kids carry the rest.

3. Alas! I finally have a reason to use all SEVENTY-SIX OF my Bad, Bath, and Beyond coupons. We all thought that brand was dying. They were actually just waiting….. 

4. Done Drying The Dishes? Cool! You’re also done doing your hair! 

5. Rihanna started it.

6. It’s cheaper than a blowout. 

7. The thought of walking around in a towel, even for part of the day feels so far off from what I should actually be doing it makes me want to do it. #rebel

8. Moms need glamour. Moms need baths. 

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