Bury me with Tacos

Guys, I hesitated to even write about this. It feels vulnerable and embarrassing, but it’s time you know something about me. My love for Taco Bell is deep. In fact, it’s more like a wellspring of love. Part of its nostalgia; I remember eating it as a kid, after parties, after prom, on random weeknights with my mom. My rational, smoothie drinking side knows it’s not healthy. I am fully aware of the rumors that it’s not even real meat. Still, I refuse to acknowledge this as fact. 

I can’t explain it. It’s like Proust’s madeline, it evokes some memories y’all! 

So when I convinced three of my friends to march in to Taco Bell and start taking photos and subsequently eat the tacos, it was basically the best Monday of my life. 

I’m not the first person to display my love for the Bell in such a public way. When I saw this guys portraits at Taco Bell, I was so inspired. 

I hated my senior portraits, as I was perched upon a rock or a tree awkwardly trying to hide the disdain I had for the entire experience. Well, friends, these are the senior portraits I was meant to take. And at 36 it does feel more like SENIOR portraits but you know what? Better late than never.  

Jen blogs here and has the cutest fashion sense and the smartest things to say about motherhood and life. 

Ceta blogs here and has seriously killer style and the two cutest boys I have ever seen. 

The moral of the story is, if you’re lucky enough to find friends who not only encourage you to be yourself but actually participate in your antics.. hold on to them tightly.

Follow your dreams, eat the tacos, who cares if people stare? I love Nacho Bell Grande and now everyone knows it. 

Yours in mild sauce,


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