Guilty Pleasures

Happy Monday! I was originally going to write a post about all the “guilty pleasures” I indulge in from time to time. Yet when I started writing a different message began to emerge.

I actually consider myself a pretty healthy person. I start every day with a green smoothie, I prioritize my work outs and take time to reflect daily. Despite my self awareness, in times of stress I find myself sometimes reaching for those things I know aren’t necessarily “good” for me but somehow bring me comfort.

I find when I’m going through a big life change or transition I often turn to the familiar things that feel grounding to me. Sugar, less sleep, more Netflix, maybe that extra glass of wine. I know it’s not good for me but it helps me manage my stress. Sure I meditate, journal, try to sleep more but sometimes there nothing like a good old fashioned coping mechanism y’all.

I think most people engage in behavior they know isn’t a good idea long term, but one thing I’ve noticed lately is that there are two types of people. Those who judge themselves harshly and those who choose to see it as something they just do when they are feeling stressed.

The problem with the former is being in judgement actually creates an even bigger problem. When we are stressed or experiencing overwhelm and then judge ourselves on top of it, we are actually double suffering!

Letting go of those nasty judgments isn’t always easy, but it is certainly the way to a more peaceful experience.  The best part about it is when I can let go of judgement of myself, I seem to bounce back to equilibrium a lot quicker and rely on these things less. And if I can find a way to have FUN while I’m doing it, even better!

My encouragement to you in times of stress is to keep doing the things that we know are good for us. Yet, when you find yourself going back into old patterns of coping, drop the judgements and pick up whatever it is that makes you feel good. In moderation, of course.



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