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Girl’s weekends have been so important to my sanity in the past few years.  When my kids were younger and I first starting taking trips with girl friends I would feel so guilty about leaving my family. Yet over time I’ve come to realize that I need them just as much as I need to work out and eat healthy. An occasional getaway has really become part of my self care routine these days. These little jaunts give me a chance to rest and recharge so when I come back I’m a much more present and well-rounded mother.

This past weekend I went to New York with four of my girlfriends and it was such a blast. I love the energy of the city. It reminds me that anything is possible and that reinventing yourself is only a plane ride away. We spent the entire weekend laughing, shopping and dancing. I also spent the weekend trying to convince everyone to eat, as this is always my highest priority in life.

Have you ever tried to wrangle a group of shopping women to a table? It’s definitely like herding cats. They were the cats and I was the hungry lion.

Here is my round up of spots to check out :

Baccarat Hotel

Have you ever wanted to leave everything behind, delete all the contacts from your phone and start a new life because of a hotel room? Don’t answer that. This hotel is so beautiful. The entire building is baccarat crystals and it is truly the place to people watch. There are so many instagram worthy spots. I did not witness a bad fashion moment expect for when I ran downstairs in my sweatpants to visit a nearby food cart. (See recommendation below.)


This is the spot if you want low lighting, sexy people and amazing food. We slinked in for dinner around 9:30 way after my normal mealtime and I inhaled all the things. The cocktails are fab and so is the food. My friend even had a bizarre encounter with a lady in the women’s restroom. Details to follow in my book….

The Blonde

Who loves 90’s hip-hop?! I do! I do! It’s like the DJ’s just knew what would get a group of 30-something moms to dance. They even played my all time favorite club song, ” Pony” without me even begging.


Truth be told I don’t remember a ton from this location, but I’m pretty sure I had fun because my feet hurt really bad when I got home. In fact, I took my shoes off in the lobby. Classy, I know.

Maria Tash

When my girl @clarkandstone told me about this place I knew immediately I was leaving the City will a couple more piercings than I came with. This place is so legit. They use needles instead of the guns and it’s a far cry from the acne covered teenagers who work at Claires. I don’t think I was cool enough to be in there but luckily they let me stay. They do all the celebrities. Rumor has it they did Beyoncé’s belly button.

The halal Guys on West 53rd    – I wish I could give you an exact location. But check out the picture and look for these guys. Street food is not created equal. This is one of the best.

Well there you have it folks, that’s my roundup. And if there are any moms out there debating on whether or not to take a girls trip my advice to you is go for it, it’s good for the soul!



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