Dope Ass Mom Finds: 5 Books I’m Reaching for Right Now…

If you know me, you know I love reading. Books have always been a big part of my life, and I am constantly searching for which one to grab next. Below are my top 5 picks that I reaching for right now. (Hint hint, since holiday season is already buzzing, I also think any of these books would make a great gift!) Check them out below. 5 Books I am…

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My kids are in bed. Now what? Treating yo’self with TruMoo

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Not your average beach reads

We all know by now that happiness is an inside job, but how do we continue to cultivate our inner worlds when the outside world is constantly telling us that what we are looking for is outside of us? Well, for me it’s a combination of  a lot things. Meditation, prayer and being more mindful of the media I consume are high on my list. Books have always been a…

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Top 5 spots to dine with your kids in Lincoln Park I remember talking to my mom when my kids were younger and asking her how she ever made it through dining out with children. She looked at me the way you would look at someone that was new to the planet and asking you what the sun was. In two words she said, ” We didn’t.” Then followed with,…

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Parenting Hacks take two

What happens when you get two moms behind the camera to talk shop with a month old bottle of red wine? Lot’s of editing , bleeping and laughs. When I set down with Jen that day we didn’t have a script but as you know Motherhood is not lacking in material! Watch the full video below :   If you enjoyed this post please be sure to check out my…

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