Mother’s Day Brunch with Siena Tavern

Mother’s Day Brunch with Siena Tavern I don’t know about you guys but Mother’s day brunch always sounds a little better than it actually turns out to be.  If you have young kids like me, you know that expectations vs reality always collide into what looks like a meal for everyone else in your family but you. Let’s face it. Most kids want to be next to you, on top of you…

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Guilty Pleasures

Happy Monday! I was originally going to write a post about all the “guilty pleasures” I indulge in from time to time. Yet when I started writing a different message began to emerge. I actually consider myself a pretty healthy person. I start every day with a green smoothie, I prioritize my work outs and take time to reflect daily. Despite my self awareness, in times of stress I find myself sometimes reaching…

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Bundt Cake in 5 Steps

  This happens a few times a year. I march into my kitchen and decide that right now is the time I become an amazing baker.  It’s partly motivated by my desire to be a more conventional mom despite my proven lack of talent. Still, I refuse to give up. Did you hear that God? I know you gave me many other amazing talents, but this I’m not ready to let…

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Bury me with Tacos

Guys, I hesitated to even write about this. It feels vulnerable and embarrassing, but it’s time you know something about me. My love for Taco Bell is deep. In fact, it’s more like a wellspring of love. Part of its nostalgia; I remember eating it as a kid, after parties, after prom, on random weeknights with my mom. My rational, smoothie drinking side knows it’s not healthy. I am fully aware of…

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Are you a Dope Ass Mom?

I have a slight obsession with flow charts, so when I teamed up with Becky at Chipper Things to create this fun chart I was so excited to share it with you guys. I can’t wait to get mine and frame it and hang it over my desk in my office. Let this serve as a reminder that rarely do regular ass moms make history.  Get yours here! 

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