Dope Ass Goals for 2018

Andrea Levoff Dope Ass Mom

I can’t believe 2018 is coming to an end. This year has been a rollercoaster ride for me but jam-packed with so much learning, growth, and FUN.  This year, I made a promise to myself that I’m not waiting until January 2019 to get my new goals and intentions started. The last 3 months of the year can be very powerful. I’ve found that goals are so much easier to tackle when they are concise and specific and they have a big WHY attached to them, meaning there is a compelling reason to achieve them. While I do have a lot of things I want to accomplish, I chose three bigger goals that will actually kick start and lay a good foundation for the bigger things I want to achieve. Here is my list in hopes that it might inspire one for yourself:

1. Social Media Free Weekends  

There’s something about this season where everything is speeding up that makes me want to slow down. What can I say, I’ve always been rebellious like that. Social media is complicated for me. It’s part of my business for one and I also really enjoy the connections and friendships it brings. It can also leave me feeling drained and keeps me from being present with the ones I love. This month I’m starting with one social free media weekend once a month. I’m starting with once a month because that feels doable, but I’m also open that growing into social media free weekends period. I’m excited to see what I accomplish, whether it be tasks or just closer relationships with the ones that matter the most to me. I will keep you updated!

Andrea Levoff Goals


2. Take back my time

This season can be so busy with events and social commitments outside the home. I really want to make sure when I do go out and leave my kids with a sitter that’s it’s serving me in some way. Whether it be for my business or true connections with friends, I know I need to check in with myself and ask those important questions. As much as I love people, I need my alone time and feel fully recharged when I spend time alone or with small groups. I’ve found myself slipping into my old habits of over committing lately and it’s no longer working for me. I know I can be a better person to everyone that needs me when I am taking care of myself.

3. Healthy Mind and Body 

When I meditate my life is easier. It’s that simple. I go through stages of this quiet time for myself and my plan of action is to get back into it as we close out the year. I can’t think of a better ( or more needed) season to start.  I am starting with 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon.  If you are interested in making a meditation practice for yourself one of my favorite apps to use is Headspace. Another one of my goals in this category is to eat at home more often. I often go out or order out so I’m committing to 5 meals a week home cooked. Frozen pizza counts of course!

That’s it! Short and simple and totally achievable! Another interesting thing about goals is that when we set them up so they are easy to achieve it builds trust with ourselves and makes it easier to achieve bigger things. I would love to hear from you guys what you are looking to cultivate in these last 3 months of 2018!

Andrea Levoff, Dope Ass Mom






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