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I’ve  always struggled with giving holiday gifts. Let me make that clear, I don’t struggle with receiving gifts at all. That part I am really good at. First of all, my to-do list is a mile long and I like to give meaningful gifts, that can sometimes take time to come together. Since my kids have no issues telling me what they want, I guess it’s because you will rarely find an adult that will tell you they need something much less make a suggesting for a gift.

Since having children, there are so many more people I am responsible for buying gifts for, which is great except for when it’s 6:30 the night before the last day of school and I am trying to decide if 19 bottles of wine is appropriate for a kindergarten teacher.

Andrea Levoff, Dope Ass Mom L'Occitane

That’s why when I was introduced to L’Occitane’s gift ready sets it was like the pressure of finding the right gift just melted away. Everybody loves receiving their coveted formulas that have a long, rich history in Provence.

Here are some things that I think make L’Occitane so special:

1. I wash my hands no less than 10,000 times in a day. Living in Chicago does not help my dryness and seriously, by March my hands can look pretty rough. It’s not that I don’t have a ton of lotion, it’s that it’s not accessible to me all day. That’s why I love these little bottles.  I keep one in every area of my house, car and purse.

Andrea Levoff, L'Occitane 2. The shower oil is so luxurious. It feels like I’m at a spa even if I’m actually trying to take a 4 min shower before my kids beat down the door.

3. Hearing people try and pronounce the name! Seriously it’s the best.

4. The gifts boxes and adorable ornament are already super festive and cute so no need to spend the extra time or money on wrapping these bad boys.

Dope Ass Mom, L'Occitane

5. The best part about L’Occitane is that their company is committed to empowering the women of Burkina Faso by giving them economic opportunities. Through business development training, L’Occitane empower 10,000 women in environmentally friendly Shea processing.

I love feeling good about the gifts I’m giving and knowing that this is helping other women who are out there making it happen for their families everyday.

To me, these gift sets are a no brainer for a busy mom on the go. Shop the link above or head into the nearest location to check them out, I think you’ll agree!

L'Occitane Andrea Levoff, Dope Ass Mom


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