Mother’s Day Brunch with Siena Tavern

Mother’s Day Brunch with Siena Tavern

I don’t know about you guys but Mother’s day brunch always sounds a little better than it actually turns out to be.  If you have young kids like me, you know that expectations vs reality always collide into what looks like a meal for everyone else in your family but you. Let’s face it. Most kids want to be next to you, on top of you or actually crawling back into your womb during the meal.

And that’s best case. Let’s just assume there isn’t fighting, throwing food or harassing the table next to you.

Still, every year on this special Sunday we make the pilgrimage to our spot of choice in hopes of snapping some pics, eating some good food and stealing some kisses from our grateful family.

Though I do I have a love/hate with this tradition, I do mostly look forward to it. I’ve been trying to get away from the traditional hotel brunch just to switch it up a bit.

Mother's Day Brunch at Siena Tavern with Chicago Mom Bloggers

So when Siena Tavern invited me to try out their Mother’s Day menu sans children and with friends, it was obviously a no brainer. What better way to enjoy Mother’s Day than without your kids and among other mothers?!

They decorated our private room beautifully and with the addition of Flowers for Dreams, they made us all feel like queens.

I was grossly unprepared for the amount of food that was offered on a Wednesday at 12:30pm but it was all so yummy I couldn’t stop eating. I literally thought I wasn’t going to be able to pick up my kids from school I was so full.

Can you imagine that phone call to your spouse?

“You need to leave work and get the kids. I literally can’t drive because I ate too much.”

It is pre-mothers day after all!

5 courses of wonderfully yummy food plus a chocolate cake at the end. I’ve always said dessert is a different stomach. Some of my favorites included a jumbo lump crab omelet (only being served for mother’s day!) and this mouth watering pizza (their speciality) with the best crust.

If you don’t have mother’s day plans yet seriously consider this brunch spot for your family. I can’t guarantee you won’t get a beverage spilled down your dress but I can tell you will enjoy your food should you have some time to get in your mouth!

Book Siena Tavern today as Mother’s day is on Sunday!!

Happy Mother’s Day babes!

Andrea Levoff Chicago Mom Blogger




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