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As a mom and an entrepreneur, when I get busy, time for my creativity is normally the first thing to go. Distractions are abounding in my world. There are the obvious ones like Facebook or Instaface (my less than tech savvy husband’s name for Instagram). Yet we each have in our lives a set of meaningful distractions, things we value on some level but that need to be prioritized occasionally when it comes to expressing our creativity.

Recently, I had arranged for my kids to be picked up from school one day so I could do some creative writing for my business. Yet, as the time came for them to get out of school, I closed up my laptop and began to get ready to go get them. A mix of guilt and a need to accomplish a task crept in…

“I’ll get them today; I should do that” I thought to myself.

I hadn’t finished what I was working on but it wasn’t due right away and I was feeling low on inspiration. I had hit a creative block and instead of taking a break, I gave up and cancelled the arrangements I had made.

There are no shortages of “shoulds” in anyone’s life.

It dawned on me later that day that as soon as I picked them up I was sucked into a whirlwind of distractions. Snacks requests, moderating quarrels, potty duty and so on. All the things that come with the role of parenting and all the things that I had purposely tried to avoid on this particular day so I could nurture myself!

I realized I was neglecting myself to care for others and the payoff for me was I got to avoid pushing myself to reach a higher level of creativity.

You see it’s comfortable for me to pick up my kids every day, I know how to do that very well. I’ve got sitting in that carpool line listening to 90’s rap down. There’s nothing better than seeing them jump into the car and get excited to tell me about their day. On the flip side, there’s nothing worse than having them fight the entire way home. Yet, I’m very clear as I grow my business that sometimes I need help with that, so I can focus on getting things done.

Once I was able to get clear on the story I was telling myself about what I “should” be doing with my free time, I was able to evaluate to see if It was even the truth. You see I had in my mind that outside of having a full time job, being a good parent meant picking your kids up from school.

The truth is, I feel very energized and awake when I work on my business and my creativity. When I look at my life holistically, I know how important my creativity is to all the other roles I have in my life.

When I am not showing up for myself and my creativity and expression, it’s really hard to show up for my family in a way that’s healthy. Sure, people still get fed and their basic needs met always, but when I’m thriving, my family also thrives. Furthermore, when I feel that expansive energy of creative expression I tend to take things less personally with my family and more patient with my kids.

My encouragement to you is instead of trying to separate all of the different roles you might have you in your life, look at them holistically. Consider that nurturing your creativity, whether or not it’s for your business or just for fun, IS a form of self-care. Further, to neglect that creative side is a subtle form of self-sabotage.

Are there areas in your life that you are neglecting out of guilt or attachment to an old story?

Here’s to paying less attention to the distractions (even the meaningful ones) and more attention to what we want to create!

I have been a long time reader of Design Mom. I love her style and I love reading her section, Living with Kids. Is there anything better than getting a peak into someone else home?  Before you call me a Peeping Tom, hear me out!  I love to see how they do things and to get inspired by how they are managing life with little ones. I’ve also always been obsessed with seeing other people’s homes and interiors. I had so much fun taking a billion pictures for this feature and also answering her thought provoking questions.  Check it out here

Hi Everyone! 

Between my Epic two-parter Halloween, the Cub’s winning the WORLD SERIES, and Election mania…I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep. Mix that little sleep with a dramatic election night and what do you get? A hot mess and a major dent in the Halloween candy. I know I’m not alone in this. 

With all the things going on in the world and the uncertainty that a lot of us are feeling, it’s important to remember that there are things we have influence and dominion over. FOCUS on those very things. We don’t always have a choice in what’s happening in the world, but we do have choice over how we react. 

If you’re feeling sad, angry, or even afraid, that’s ok. Give yourself the time and space to express and work through your feelings. You can choose to free form write – a process that is super cathartic and allows unedited thoughts to surface without judgement. You can also have an adult temper tantrum. Find a safe spot in your house and beat the crap out of a pillow. ( Just make sure your cleaning lady isn’t downstairs — awkward. ) 

After you feel like you’ve expressed the emotions, it’s important not to dwell there. Focus on what YOU are creating and being the change that you wish to see.  If you don’t like the leader that has been chosen for you, are there opportunities in your life where you can lead in a different way?

I promise you this is a way more empowering place to be.  Making the other side wrong might feel good in the short-term, but long-term it only leads to more suffering. 

Tonight I’m hosting a group of ladies at my home and we will be making vision boards for our future. I know we can’t all be at my house together, but I hope you join me in owning and stepping into the values and visions that you hold for yourself and the planet. 

P.S. I will be posting a video on how to make a vision board soon! Stay tuned! 



I must confess Halloween has not always been my favorite holiday. Like most holidays it has a lot of hype that it just doesn’t live up to. After I had kids it instantly became more fun. Who doesn’t love dressing up tiny human blobs in furry bear costumes and obsessively kissing and hugging them? Then a funny thing happens, your kids get older and they embrace their own opinions and you really don’t have a lot of control over what they want to wear.



That’s why this year I decided to embrace it for myself again and go all out on an adult Halloween costume. I have to say being in my 30s with kids really made me appreciate going out in a questionable outfit (was i wearing pants?) and throwing caution to the wind for a moment in time. 

The next day I wore the same wig for a more wholesome interpretation of Halloween. I feel like I definitely nailed two major parts of myself, the good witch and the bad witch circus freak.



I hope everyone had a fun Halloween and got to express parts of yourself that you may have been hiding! BOOOOOO! 



P.S. You know what’s scarier than Ghosts and Goblins? Carrying a purse that doesn’t match your costume! I’m not sure what conjoined freakshow twins carried in the 1800s but I’m pretty certain it wasn’t Gucci! 

Enter then Eyn phone case… it’s discreet and gets the job done so you can hold everything from wigs, to ruby slippers when your children decide they have had enough. You lucky readers get 25% off of the entire EYN website with my code DOPEASSMOM, so shop away! 



Hi Ya’ll! 

I wanted to share with you a product that I am loving right now. I might be late to the party but in case you haven’t heard of Egyptian Magic you need to check it out. 

I originally put it on my face, which immediately felt hydrated and glowy! My daughter has always had incredibly dry skin. It works wonders overnight and she no longer has cracking or bleeding knuckles. 

It’s like the windex cure-all only non toxic and good for you! Put it everywhere people! 


Enjoy, folks! 

P.S  My third video is coming out next week! Stay tuned!