This happens a few times a year. I march into my kitchen and decide that right now is the time I become an amazing baker.  It’s partly motivated by my desire to be a more conventional mom despite my proven lack of talent. Still, I refuse to give up. Did you hear that God? I know you gave me many other amazing talents, but this I’m not ready to let go. There’s something so romantic about the idea of baking with the kids. Music playing in the background, powdered sugar on everyone’s face. In reality, we are all screaming at each other, and I dirty every dish in the kitchen. Still, this doesn’t disrupt my vision. 

Y’all, I like big bundts and I cannot lie.  And trust me when I say I am not a baker.  But this 5-step Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake recipe is too easy and too delicious not to make for your family.  With a cake mold and a few simple ingredients, I have been able to trick my family into thinking I am Betty Crocker (possibly even myself).  Make this tasty dessert for any holiday, girls night or when you just feel like stuffing your face with some wholesome goodness. 


  • 1 package Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe yellow cake mix
  • 1 package vanilla flavor instant pudding and pie filling mix (4 serving size)
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 ounce unsweetened chocolate, grated
  • 1/2 cup shaved pecans & powdered sugar

This is so easy, I promise: 

  1. Heat oven to 350F degrees and grease and flour 10″ Bundt pan.
  2. Combine cake mix, pudding mix, eggs, sour cream and oil.
  3. Beat on medium for 2 minutes Stir in chocolate chips, grated chocolate and pecans.
  4. Pour into prepared pan and bake 50-60 minutes or till toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.
  5. Cool in pan 15 min and dust with powdered sugar.


Do we really even need to go there? 



Guys, I hesitated to even write about this. It feels vulnerable and embarrassing, but it’s time you know something about me. My love for Taco Bell is deep. In fact, it’s more like a wellspring of love. Part of its nostalgia; I remember eating it as a kid, after parties, after prom, on random weeknights with my mom. My rational, smoothie drinking side knows it’s not healthy. I am fully aware of the rumors that it’s not even real meat. Still, I refuse to acknowledge this as fact. 

I can’t explain it. It’s like Proust’s madeline, it evokes some memories y’all! 

So when I convinced three of my friends to march in to Taco Bell and start taking photos and subsequently eat the tacos, it was basically the best Monday of my life. 

I’m not the first person to display my love for the Bell in such a public way. When I saw this guys portraits at Taco Bell, I was so inspired. 

I hated my senior portraits, as I was perched upon a rock or a tree awkwardly trying to hide the disdain I had for the entire experience. Well, friends, these are the senior portraits I was meant to take. And at 36 it does feel more like SENIOR portraits but you know what? Better late than never.  

Jen blogs here and has the cutest fashion sense and the smartest things to say about motherhood and life. 

Ceta blogs here and has seriously killer style and the two cutest boys I have ever seen. 

The moral of the story is, if you’re lucky enough to find friends who not only encourage you to be yourself but actually participate in your antics.. hold on to them tightly.

Follow your dreams, eat the tacos, who cares if people stare? I love Nacho Bell Grande and now everyone knows it. 

Yours in mild sauce,


Tali is one of those women that you meet and you just can never forget. Her high energy is contagious and she has killer style. I met Tali because our kids attend the same school, but once I got to know her I knew I had to have her help me with my closet, my style and just be in my life. She is down to earth and gives killer style advice. English is her THIRD language, so I sat down with her over lunch to ask her the questions. Besides laughing non-stop at some of her answers because she is just so dang real, I got some great insight into why I knew I loved her so much. I know after reading her answers you will love her just as much as I do!

What is the best thing about being a mom?

  • I feel so lucky to get the opportunity to raise my kids in my own way.  Everything I have learned in this world I get to impart upon my children. It’s an opportunity to share what I have learned with the people I love the most in this world.

What is the hardest thing about being a mom?

  • To see my kids in pain and not be able to fix it for them is the hardest thing for me. Recently my son had to get stitches and watching him cry and not being able to take it away was so hard. I also think balancing motherhood and a career is always a challenge and finding ways do it all.

How have you changed since being a mom?

  • I am more responsible, a lot more organized and feel the need to keep everything in order. I’m more cautious in life and the decisions I make – my kids are always in the back of my mind.

What’s the best piece of advice given to you?

  • My son’s teacher once told me that I should always give my kids choices. I did this with my son recently who is in his terrible twos.  Instead of telling me no, now he feels like he has a choice and he is empowered to make his own choices. There are a lot less battles in our house now.

Who’s your style icon?

  • Miroslava Duma. I love her style. She is always taking a chance. She is so cool and so bold. She is always recreating herself and her style is like no one else.

How has your style changed since becoming a mom?

  • It’s pretty much the same, but I wear heels less!

What are three essentials you need everyday?

  • Glasses, lipstick and moisturizer.

What late night food do you crave?

  • Chocolate and any kinds of sweets.

What do you do to relax?

  • Spa and yoga. I love doing yoga. Endermologie is a treatment I am in to lately and I find it very relaxing.

How has motherhood changed your career?

  • I basically just adjusted my career to motherhood. I always knew that I wanted to work and since having kids I just created a career that would allow me to do both and allow me to be present for my kids.

3 words to describe yourself

  • Funny, high energy and positive.

What’s your favorite app?

  • Instagram and Waze. Waze saves me a lot of time as I navigate around the city.

What 3 things in your bag you couldn’t live without?

  • Red lipstick, Camera and a charger for my phone.

Best advice you could give a mom with young kids?

  • Take it easy and don’t compare your kids to other kids. Every kid is so different. Your own instinct will tell you what’s right for your child.

If your life were a song, what would it be?

  • “Look What You Made Me Do”, by Taylor swift. My kids love it!

What’s the secret to being a bad ass mom? 

  • The ultimate secret is to bribe your kids! And of course to take everything with humor and have fun with it!  I always try to find the positive in everything!



I spent the first year of my daughters life in yoga pants with the cast from the Today Show. At the end of that year I knew I had to make some changes. One being that I needed to stop eating breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks and the other that I needed to start getting dressed in actual clothes. It’s not that I don’t rock athleisure from time to time it’s that I love how expressing myself through fashion makes me feel. Since I don’t have a lot of time, I love looks that transition easily from day to night. 



Frame Diamond Print Dress // Rag and Bone Sneakers // Allsaints Leather Jacket 

I love this look because I only need to change my shoes and my lips. You can do it with any dress in your closet just pop on some sneaks for the day and change it up with booties for nighttime. Voila! 




I have a slight obsession with flow charts, so when I teamed up with Becky at Chipper Things to create this fun chart I was so excited to share it with you guys. I can’t wait to get mine and frame it and hang it over my desk in my office. Let this serve as a reminder that rarely do regular ass moms make history. 

Get yours here