Bath Leisure. Rhianna may have started it. Rita Ora may have propelled it. But I’m here to finish it, friends. Here are the top eight reasons I can’t stop, won’t stop, wearing the trend.

1. If you dress a la bath leisure, people immediately assumed you’re fresh out of the bath. You know what they say about making assumptions – it makes an ass out of you and me. Speaking of asses, I smell like one. I haven’t showered in 3 days but you wouldn’t know it from my look du jour.

2.  One less thing to drag to the beach. You’re on towel duty – make your kids carry the rest.

3. Alas! I finally have a reason to use all SEVENTY-SIX OF my Bad, Bath, and Beyond coupons. We all thought that brand was dying. They were actually just waiting….. 

4. Done Drying The Dishes? Cool! You’re also done doing your hair! 

5. Rihanna started it.

6. It’s cheaper than a blowout. 

7. The thought of walking around in a towel, even for part of the day feels so far off from what I should actually be doing it makes me want to do it. #rebel

8. Moms need glamour. Moms need baths. 


Lots are happening at Andrea Levoff & Company (and by company, I mean me & the UPS guy). Just to give you a teaser of what’s to come, press play in the video above and take your stab at who you think I’m collaborating with! Looking forward to hearing your predictions 😉. 

That’s all from me, but the big reveal is coming soon to a computer near you! 

From fun sweaters and sweets to 2018 productivity pieces, take a look at my curated gift guide (in case you are still on the hunt for holiday ideas!). Now that you’ve seen what’s on my list, I want to know what’s on YOURS!

Happy holidays, everyone! I can’t wait to ring in the New Year with all of you!

1. Save your hair from the wind (or just look cool if it’s warm where you live) in this Gucci beanie
2. These Dom Pérignon infused gummy bears make consuming champagne anytime of the day socially acceptable 🥂. Cheers!
3. Plan your goals for 2018 with this planner from Cultivate What Matters. 
4. No explanation here, this mug is just too funny to not have! 
5. This mask truly lives up to its name “Babyfacial” – and the whole line is created by a fellow #MomBoss! 
6. A few minutes on the Headspace app can change your whole day. How about a subscription?
7. Stylish and convenient! Yes- the fanny pack is back and way better than the one you had in the 90’s!
8. Special shoutout to Lola & the Boys for this custom jacket – get your own, here
9. Should you get bangs? It’s tough to say. The age-old question is back… and we think this print is too cute to not pick up! 

What’s scarier than Halloween? How about waiting until the last minute to find the perfect costume for your family. Forget kitty cats and cowboys and check out some of my favorite fun-sized costumes that will win over the whole neighborhood!

Gladys, Mildred…is that you?

All beauty and a mildly irritated beast. Get the whole household into character with this spin on a Disney classic.

…Except maybe Lucy and Ethel. “Lucy…I’m hooooome!”

I dare you to name two better icons than Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Jurrasic Park? More like hitting up Lincoln Park for trick or treating. Love this family who went all out!

Introducing the newest inmate to Litchfield Prison. You can bail her out for 25 Kit-Kats.

Da Bears!

Just keep swimming all the way to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney for the king sized candy.

Follow the yellow brick road…all the way home to eat your kids’ candy.

“One Million Dollars.”

I’ve scoured the web for my favorite articles and curated a list that I hope you will find funny and compelling as well. Enjoy my InterWeb findings from a genius app that freezes your kid’s phone until they answer you back to a bra that does it all (literally!)! Have you seen any other articles that I should know about? Link them below in the comments and let’s discuss!

 Photo Credit: Hello Giggles

Photo Credit: Hello Giggles

1. Salad,  Salud!

2. This dad is a genius, see why by checking out this link.

3. The Chicago winter is a real struggle bus, but this guide is helping me out a bit!

4. Channing my inner Anna Wintour from home.

5. I love this more than Kanye loves Kanye.

6. Say cheese!

7. Bra-vo!

8. I can’t stop laughing at Sarah Paulson’s impression of Drew Barrymore. Press play here to see what I’m talking about!