Girlfriend Gift Guide coming in hot! This year my girlfriend’s helped me through so I can’t wait to return the love through a thoughtful gift. I came up with mix up cute and thoughtful gifts that you can feel good about giving depending on her personality. All of these gifts are unique and very affordable options for those special babes in your life.

Dope Ass mom girlfriend gift guide

Andrea Levoff Gift guide

Andrea Levoff and Ceta Walters



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#1 Joyful Book

Even just the cover of this book makes me happy. This a great and easy read and what a wonderful way to start off the new year!

#2 On the Naughty/Nice List Sweater

These sweaters from Target are so cute. Buy two and have fun deciding who is the naughty one and who is the nice one!

#3 Herbivore Rose Quartz Body Oil 

Rose oil is the highest vibration oil and it smells oh so good. This is a great. luxurious gift to help your girl through the dry winter months.

#4 Baublebar x Off My Case iPhone Case

This is my favorite case of all time! Personalize her phone case with her nickname and favorite colors!

#5 I have This Friend Trivia Game

Such a fun game to play on a girls night in! Wine optional and recommended!

Make sure you check out my besties gift guide to see what she has in store for the women in her life!



Andrea Levoff Dairy Pure

Fun Andrea fact number 1,001. I am not a baker, but there’s something so nostalgic about milk and cookies and the holidays I can’t deny it. I’ve desperately tried to bake. (Ok, I’ve tried a handful of times.)  I remember one year I messed up my cookies so bad for a pending cookie exchange I threw them in the trash and promptly went to Whole Foods to buy some that I could pass off as my own. I had no idea the intricacies involved in this true art form. The dough was too hot then it was too cold. It was like a bad relationship. I DO, however love to eat cookies. That I make. From a box. And I love milk.

Andrea Levoff Dairy Pure, holiday season, help feed hungry children, giving back this holiday seasonAndrea Levoff Dairy Pure, holiday season, help feed hungry children, giving back this holiday season

We all know that the holiday traditions are really about connection. It doesn’t matter how perfectly things look from the outside. The day of this photo shoot neither one of my kids wanted to take pictures.  As soon as the cookies and milk came out it was a different story. It reminded me that it’s about the moments we share as family and friends and the reasons we gather that bring us closer are really just secondary to the love.  

In my continued effort to make my home a Rockwellian dream over the holidays, Milk and cookies are a staple at our house. Like I said, I don’t particularly like to bake but I do love the smell of boxed cookies in the oven and the special look on my kids faces when they get to eat them with a warm glass of milk. I know my kids always feel special when I “bake“ for them and I will continue to do it any chance I get.

Andrea Levoff Dairy Pure, holiday season, help feed hungry children, giving back this holiday season

Recently I heard something so disturbing.  1 in 6 children will struggle with hunger in America? I keep asking myself how this is even possible in a developed country? That’s why when I heard that DairyPure was teaming up with Feeding America I was so excited to partner with them.

From November 27th to December 21st, customers will receive bonus kicks from their Shopkick shopping rewards account: 15 kicks for scanning DairyPure and TruMoo and 200 additional kicks for purchasing. Bonus kicks can be donated to Feeding America, so customers can give back to their local communities this holiday season. It’s super easy to give back on simple things that you are probably already buying, like DairyPure.

Andrea Levoff Dairy Pure, holiday season, help feed hungry children, giving back this holiday season

 How it works:

 Download the Shopkick App

 Scan barcodes of selected product while in-store (DairyPure)

 Redeem your kicks ( rewards) to get gift certificates or in this case donate them!

 Join me in helping DairyPure and Feed America donate more than 500,000 meals this Holiday season. It’s a super simple to enjoy this holiday staple and give back this year!

Andrea Levoff Dairy Pure, holiday season, help feed hungry children, giving back this holiday season



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#1 Hudson Park Collection Faux Fur Animal Throw

I love a good throw and I especially love this one because it’s animal print! My obsession with all things leopard is alive and well. I have one on my bed that I sleep with every single night!

#2 Voluspa Prosecco Rose Candles and Diffusers

I love this scent because it’s very subtle and never overpowering. This set also looks so pretty just sitting out in a room!

#3 Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst are known for balancing the crown chakra and for proving calming and cleansing effects. I keep on on my nightstand for this reason but also because they are breathtakingly beautiful!

#4 Serene House Supernova Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser

I’ve been very into diffusing oils lately, they are much cleaner than most traditional candles! This diffuser does the job plus it’s so pretty to look at!

#5 Jonathan Adler Tiger Valet Tray

I love a good catch all tray. I keep one in almost every room to put keys, coins and little nick knacks I might otherwise loose. This one is so cute. I’ve had this exact one on my nightstand for years.

#6 Wine Water Bottle

This is pretty much the motto of my life!

#7 Snakeskin Flask

This flask is so gorgeous I’m pretty sure I would just use it for decoration, yet in the off chance I needed to take it somewhere ( like every weekend to a kids birthday party) how chic would that be?!

#8 Stoneware Holiday Icon Appetizer Plates

I love these vintage looking Christmas plates! Perfect for a holiday party hostess gift or to serve cookies on to your kids!

#9 Sharper Image Smores Specialty Cooking Appliances Maker Brown

I love making Smores but it’s not always practical to be outside to make them by an open flame. This little gadget makes it easy to enjoy them with the family more often!

#10 Gift Boutique Set of 4 Flamingo Tumbler Glasses

These tumblers are the cutest and guaranteed to make whoever receives them smile from ear to ear!


It’s that time of the year for gift guides folks. I know I personally struggle to come up with original and useful gifts over the holidays so I wanted to share the products that I’ve been loving lately. Some of favorite beauty products that I’ve actually seen results from are listed below! I have to admit, I was once a skeptic about some of the things listed below but I am a true converted believer now. Try them for yourself and tell me what you think! As always please comment and let me know what you are loving. I am more than happy to spend an inordinate amount of time talking about jade rollers or silk pillowcases. You know where to find me!

Dope Ass mom beauty gift guide

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#1 PMD Pro Device

Microderm for the home. It’s less intense then the one you would get at a medspa, but it’s still a great exfoliation on the areas you need it most. You can do your face, neck hands, elbows, you name it!

#2 Sisley Paris Neck Cream

Can we talk about the neck for a second? Why didn’t we start this conversation earlier, you may ask. Well, because no one tells you in your 20’s that your neck will at some point be a big deal. I declare 2019 the year of the neck for me. This cream is the bomb and I plan on using until my neck reaches Audrey Hepburn status, yo!

#3 The Beauty Chef Glow Set

I love Beauty Chef products because they taste good and they actually work! Beauty Chef targets your inners, to make your outers more hydrated and glowing! The ingredients are all natural and good for your body!

#4 RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

I love a two for one in a beauty product! This super hydrating, no toxic formula is super pigmented and pretty for both your lips and your cheeks. Less products to carry around? YES PLEASE

#5 L’OCCITANE Hand Cream Bouquet

I did an entire post on L’occitane here, but let’s just keep it simple , shall we? Perfect gift-able products in a package you don’t even need to wrap! WINNER!

#6 Supergoop Setting Mist

This product sets your makeup and prevents sun damage throughout the day without feeling heavy or weighing you down. Plus I heard if you spray it three times and look in the mirror Gwyneth Paltrow appears. Just say’in.

#7 Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury mostly because of her accent but also because her products are so good. This mask is one of my faves because it always leaves my skin super hydrated and glowing.

#8 Solaris Laboratories NY Fade Facial Roller

I resisted the jade roller trend ya’ll. Then I realized what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t give this a day in court. I’m converted even if I’m a little embarrassed about it. It just gives my face that pick me up and makes me feel less puffy in the morning.

#9 Lavanila Freshly Picked Mini Deodorant Trio

I am not a fan of deodorant that doesn’t work no matter how little chemicals it has. I always said I don’t think it’s going to be my deodorant that takes me down so I always stuck to the real kind. This stuff is natural and actually smells good and works for me. If you’re in to that hippy dippy stuff.

#10 Slip Silk Beauty Sleep Travel Set

I was horrified to learn that my pillow case was causing skin problems and hair breakage. It also translates to less hair washes because it prolongs your blowouts. If you haven’t jumped on the silk pillow case trend it’s about time. This is a travel size so you can take it with you to hotels and on airplanes.

Happy Thanksgiving friends! It’s sale time!  I’m sitting here with my family by the fire, drinking coffee and looking at all the great sales.  There are a lot of  retailers that are doing 50% for Thanksgiving and Black Friday and personally I’m excited to shop for things that aren’t full price. I’m normally too impatient to wait for sales but this year there are some deals that I just can’t pass up.

Everything on Ann Taylor is 50% off!

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Shopbop is having a huge sale !

Nasty gal is offering 60% off

Asos is 25% site wide

Sundry is also having up to 75% off

Andrea Levoff Goals

Andrea Levoff Dope Ass Mom

Things I’ve recently purchased that our now on sale (not bitter about this at all)


That’s it folks! I hope you enjoy the day with your families. Check out my post here on why I’m so grateful this year! Happy eating and shopping!