why laughter is so important in motherhood

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You guys, last week a dream of mine came true! I got to preform stand up for my best girlfriends at a dream location in downtown Chicago. Drumbar invited me to host a comedy happy hour for a group of moms who needed a night out! For me comedy has been instrumental in my motherhood journey. You know the saying, sometimes you need to laugh to keep from crying.  I wrote a post here about how comedy has influenced my life and it’s had such an impact on me that I just love to share the gift of laughter with people. It’s no secret that being a mother can be difficult and isolating at times so I love any chance to get a group of mamas together. You’ve never seen a woman so full of hope than a mom about to escape her nightly duties and go out with her  girlfriends. I know I am biased because these ladies are my friends but they really are such an incredible group!

As fun as it was to stand-up and talk , by far the best part of the night was seeing my girlfriend’s face’s light up with laughter. I really tried to pause and take in all the love that was coming my way from my friends. I left with so much gratitude for my support system and also gratitude for the gifts that I have to share.

It was the perfect Chicago summer night so after the show we enjoyed cocktails on Drumbar’s amazing rooftop.

After the show we had dinner at Ronero. It was hard to get the crew to leave Drumbar but the promise of yummy food will overpower any Mom’s desire for more cocktails. We hightailed it over and it was time to chow down. You guys this restaurant did not mess around. They served us 8 courses of over the top yummy food. If I had pants on, they definitely would have been unbuttoned, Thanksgiving Day style.

The food was absolutely amazing. Any place that serves me drinks in a Swan ( Flamingo?) is already a winner in my book. We really had the most amazing meal and it was the perfect way to spend a night away from the family. What mom doesn’t love to be treated like a princess from time to time?

It was such a fun night and we are in talks with Drumbar to make it a monthly thing so stay tuned. This entire experience was so positive and it really made me see how much as moms we need each other for levity and connection. I feel called to share with you guys that if there is something you are waiting on to share whether it be on a small scale like with you’re family or even within your community, don’t wait! I think we tend to wait for the perfect timing, more education or for us to ” feel ready.”  You will never feel ready enough, create a community that supports you and your talents. Your dreams (and everyone else waiting to receive your gifts) will thank you!


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