You asked, I answered! Ten Questions with Andrea Levoff

Ten Questions With Andrea Levoff

Andrea Levoff, dope ass mom, mom blogger, chicago mom blogger

#1) What got you to start blogging and/or comedy?

I started blogging and comedy as a creative outlet after my first child was born. I wrote about how I got into comedy in my post here.

#2) What’s your favorite food?

I could eat Mexican food in some form every day for every meal. Growing up in Texas I was exposed to the best Tex- Mex and I feel I can never escape it. Have you seen my Taco Bell post here?

#3) If you had all the money in the world what would you do?

Honestly I would do the same thing I’m doing now. I love what I do and I would continue to do it in some form no matter what my circumstances were.

#4) What’s your favorite drunk food?

TACO BELL (right? once again ūüôā taco bell post here)

#5) What’s your favorite color?
PINK all the way
Andrea Levoff, chicago mom blogger, chicago blogger, dope ass mom
Andrea Levoff, chicago mom blogger, chicago blogger, dope ass mom
#6) Favorite restaurant in Chicago
I love our neighborhood spot Tarantino’s. I also love Momotaro and Gibson’s Italia.


#7) Do you want more kids?
This is something I just can’t answer fully. I am very happy with my kid situation right now but I’m not ready to close down the farm just yet. You never know what life may bring!


#8) Your favorite travel destinations?
Anywhere in California! We love taking the kids to Palm Beach in Florida. Anything that is easy flight with kids though it is getting easier as they get older. As far as without the kids? Anywhere! The grocery store alone is a vacation !


#9) Why did you dye your hair from blonde to red?
I’ve been blonde my entire life and I feel like I really needed a change. I had been thinking about making the change for a long time and when I brought it up to my hairdresser she agreed and we just went for it! I’m not sure I can ever go back to blonde, blondes may have more fun but I LOVE being a redhead.


#10) Your home is beautiful! Do you love interior design and what was the inspiration?
Yes! We used Summer Thornton Design for our interior. My inspiration was Wes Anderson and all his colorful movies!  See my house tour here, full video!
Andrea Levoff, chicago mom blogger, chicago blogger, dope ass mom
Happy week and let me know if you wanted to know anything else!

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